WAKE – Derek Swalwell

New series of photographic works by Melbourne based photographer Derek Swalwell. Featuring images of the now demolished Okura hotel in Tokyo.




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Recent shots from New York, scanned Kodak Ektar 120 film, printed to Canson Rag Photographique 310 gsm, dry mounted to 3mm Dibond and framed in hand finished Australian hardwood frames with UV perspex.




New Works 2014

Got some new works in the pipeline… site should also be going live any day now, for anyone who might be interested. www.christopherpennings.com


From the SEA

Opening Thursday the 10th of April

We are proud to be hosting “From the SEA” an exhibition of works by Jacky Winter/SEA photographers.

Featuring work from Clare Plueckhahn, Daniel Boud, Emma Phillips, Hayley Sparks, James Newman, Jesse Marlow, Lara Jade, Nick Turpin, Paul Torcello and Phil Toledano.

Feel free to join us for a drink on opening night.

Sultans of Speed

SULTANS OF SPEED is a portrait series by Willem-Dirk du Toit, his first solo exploration documenting the automotive subculture of the land speed record and the characters who take on the harsh salt plain of Lake Gairdner. They battle 48-degree heat, a costly obsession, and each other to exceed speeds of 400km/h in pursuit of the global land speed record.

Show runs through till the 24th of October

CONTROL – Daniel Bushaway

Control is an ongoing series observing the infrastructure used to extract, conserve, and ultimately control water. These vast landscapes manipulated to facilitate mass consumption – so we have water at the turn of a tap.

The series was shot on a 4×5 large-format camera during summer 2009–12 in the Andalucían Basin in regional Spain and regional Tasmania, Australia. Daniel works primarily in large-format film, shooting in natural light. His predominant concern is nature altered by industry, which he explores in highly complex, controlled and textural compositions.

Exhibition information

Opening Night: 23rd May 6:30-8:30

JCP Gallery
51–57 Cubitt Street, Cremorne VIC 3121

24 May – 10 June 2013
Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday by appointment only

Sleeping on the Wing

An Exhibition by Paul Philipson

Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,
The muttering retreats
Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels

JCP Gallery, 51-57 Cubitt Street Cremorne
Opening 2nd of May, running till the 20th
of May

At First Glance

I’ve threatened to do this for quite some time and finally got forced off my ass to do something about it. So for the next three months I have a selection of both photographic and illustrative works up in the Corporate Culture showroom, 680 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. It’s a beautiful space that has been exceptionally renovated and presented. My works are scattered over all four floors, so if you’re out that side of town please drop by and take a look… Thanks – Chris

Behind the Scenes

Lisa Tomasetti presents a series of images of the Australian Ballet, having been granted exclusive access to photograph the Ballet over several years on their international tours to Tokyo, New York, and Paris. Taken out of their usual context the Ballerina’s dance, pirouette and leap through the gritty city streets, as Tomasetti creates riveting images that fuse high gloss performance with coarse urban reality.

These works are available through James Makin Gallery