Stories from the city, stories from the sea

Prints by Andrew Browne to be shown as part of “Stories from the city, stories from the sea” at the Subtation Gallery Newport.

The industrial exhibition spaces of The Substation house an exploration of urban myths and queer legends with series of performances and installations created by Martha McDonald and by artists Andrew Browne, Lucas Grogan, T.V Moore, Patrick Pound, Kate Just & Heather B Swann. Otherworldy bronze sculptural weaponary, neo-primitive homeo-erotic wall drawings, sea faring yarns, ghostly projections of the departed and photographic renderings of nocturnal city fringe – you are the flaneur in this queer urban tale.

Chris Budgeon Photography

Bearded Man Portrait
600 x 900 mm
Archival pigment print to Ilford Gold Fibre Silk
Chris Budgeon, 2011 Bowness prize Finalist

Park Hyatt Sydney – G.W. Bott

The end of last year ended up being quite busy over here in the studio, the total lack of blog updates being a direct symptom.
We had the pleasure of working closely with Artist G.W. Bott and Consultant John Buckley on a suite of prints for the Park Hyatt Sydney refurbishment. Here is a small selection of the end result…

The Lament Editions

More image stills, this time from flash animations created by Arlo Mountford

The Cinema Complex

These image stills were taken from a series of work by Daniel Von Sturmer

Seem to Seem to Glimpse

Photographs by Paul Phillipson point work by Ross Taylor, upcoming project at C3 contemporary art space…
Now thou are resting in the real world of being, death has taken from thy dark heart the whole sultry cloud of life and the eternal Light stands uncovered, the Light thou hast sought so long; and thou, one of its rays, dwellest once again in the fire.’


Behind the scenes stills taken by cinematographer Germain McMickking from the Australian feature film Hail, directed by Amiel Courtin-Wilson.


Photographs by Trevor Mein.

Cumulus Exhibition on at Forty Five Downstairs

09.08.11 – 20.08.11

In Memoriam

On now at Heide… Callum Morton survey show.

Callum Morton is a Melbourne artist with a significant international profile whose works explore the emotional and social impact of our built environment. Known for his transformation of modernist architectural forms, he takes existing structures and alters them through destruction, camouflage, sound, and changes in scale, location or material. The resulting spatial and temporal disjunctions dramatise the tensions between art and life, history and the present, and lend his work its characteristic melancholy and humour.


New works by Sophia Szilagyi to be shown at James Makin Gallery.

“Sophia Szilagyi’s imagery evokes the natural world and imbues it with an emotional resonance through the artists skilful manipulation of diametrically opposed elements. Fear, wonder, and danger exist in these images that capture the beauty and grandeur found in the physical world, while also charting an internal topography.” – Marguerite Brown